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Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

warm and wonderful

Simply the best apple crisp you’ll ever eat! Recipe from a Wisconsin Apple Orchard.

Original recipe from a Wisconsin Apple Orchard.  Nothing feels like home quite like warm Apple Crisp.  One bite will have you convinced that this crisp came straight out of Mom’s kitchen!  Freezer to oven in convenient disposable baking dish.  Each 2.25 lb. pan serves 10. 

Cherry Crisp

taste bud overload

Old fashioned cherry crisp!

If cherry is the flavor for you, here is your dessert.  Warm from the oven with a scoop of ice cream on top.  Let’s eat!  Freezer to oven in convenient disposable baking dish.  Each 2.25 lb. pan serves 10. 

Cherry crisp
Mini donuts

Mini Donuts

a tasty treat

Like something you grabbed off a food stand at the fair! 

Fresh tasting mini cake donuts reminds you of a summer day at the county fair!  A tasty treat for any time of the day.  Cinnamon/sugar packet included to coat donuts.  Simply microwave for a warm snack.  Each bag contains 24 donuts. 

Snack Breads

a versatile snack

Generous loaves of moist thaw and serve quick breads.

  • Lemon Poppyseed – Have you ever wondered why lemons and poppy seeds taste so good together? Neither have we….we just know that it tastes great!  This versatile snack is a staple in your local coffee shop, but now you can skip the lines and enjoy the simultaneous sweet and tart treat whenever you’d like.  28 oz. loaf, topped with a vanilla icing that has a hint of lemon.
  • Orange Vanilla Dreamsicle – This is for those of us who either refuse to grow up or love the summertime childhood memory of enjoying orange sherbet on a stick and finding vanilla hiding inside. If you ever wanted to know what summer would taste like if it were a bread, well, this tangy orange with sweet vanilla combination just might be it!  28 oz. loaf topped with vanilla icing. 


Snack bread


handmade quality

Made by the same bakery that makes our pies.

Mmmm…..cheesecake.  Thoughts and smells of all natural ingredients, warm butter cookie crusts, natural flavorings, handmade quality and oven baking.  This cheesecake is one of the best.  From bakery to your family’s table, enjoy the taste usually reserved for only the finest restaurants.  4 variety sampler.  12 servings.  White Chocolate Raspberry, Apple Streudel, New York Vanilla, Chocolate Chip. 

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