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Thank you for your interest in BEC Foods Fundraising. It is our great privilege to serve you with the highest of standards. You will look back on your fundraising experience with BEC Foods Fundraising with a sigh of satisfaction.

Fundraiser Highlights:

• Great potential with profits specifically chosen by you!
• Personal local service from start to finish.
• Customized order forms.
• Free samples.
• No charge for delivery.
• Full service at delivery. Includes set up and sorting.
• Absolutely NO upfront costs.
• Group leader tools, including online order sheet.
• Individual seller incentive. Free item for every 25 items sold.
• Quick fundraiser turnaround time.

We make it easy

Proven concept

We understand that your group’s fundraiser is being done in your “spare” time.  It is our goal to relieve you of some of the time-consuming activities required.  Below is a simple guide to help you along the way.

Step 1: Choose which items you wish to sell. Choose retail prices.

Step 2: Call or email. We will help you plan your fundraiser dates and walk through the key details (purpose, goals, etc.) Sales materials will be printed up and mailed to you.  Electronic copies of sales materials are emailed as well.

Step 3: Run your fundraiser. Have a kick off meeting, hand out sales materials, explain your goals. You may wish to have free samples at kick off to promote your sale.

Step 4: Collect order forms and money. Total items sold of each flavor of product. Email, fax or phone in your order.

Step 5: Receive your product. We make it quick and easy. You will be glad you chose BEC Foods Fundraising with our full-service delivery. Please have check payable to BEC Foods Fundraising at delivery.

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