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Cream of Brocolli

Cheesy Broccoli

undeniably a favorite

Full of healthy broccoli!

If you’re looking for a homerun soup, you’ve found it.  This creamy offering is full of healthful broccoli and – of course – lots of melted cheddar, cream cheese and parmesan.  Finished with a dash of onion, it’s undeniably a favorite!   

Vegetable Beef With Barley

a classic soup

Incredibly easy and so delicious!

Hearty potatoes, carrots, corn, green beans, celery, onion and nutritious barley with big pieces of chunked beef are fantastic in a blended base of beef and chicken stock.  A classic soup. 

Vegetable beef with barley

Chicken Noodle

a comforting soup

A bowl of this soup equals comfort!

Thick egg noodles, carrots, celery and onions abound alongside succulent pieces of chicken in this broth-based recipe.  Enjoy this comforting soup you know and love. 

Baked Potato

potato made perfect

Loaded with goodness!

Premium potatoes join with tasty morsels of onion, celery and carrots in a creamy base flavored with a touch of cured bacon.  Potato made perfect!  

Cream of potato
Chicken with white and wild rice

Chicken With White & Wild Rice

a really special soup

It just might become your favorite!

To please a roomful of people, you need a really special soup.  White rice is paired delectably with succulent chicken and wild rice in a creamy, seasoned chicken base enhanced by onions, celery and carrots.  Throw open the doors and prepare to run out of this popular soup!

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